Mini Floor Pumps – Portable pumps that deliver the air flow for daily pressure maintenance

Giyo mini floor pumps are an intermediate sized product designed to fill the gap between the full sized floor pumps and the smaller mini pumps. These mini floor pumps will deliver sufficient air flow to handle even larger 29” tires with ease.

The key features of the mini floor pumps are that they are durable designs that you can slip into the side pocket of a back pack or even frame mount, but they are light enough that they will not add significant weight to your ride.

The mini floor pumps are usually used for pressure maintenance whilst out on the road so all of these models are equipped with accurate pressure gauges to make sure that you get the best start possible each day.

In order to provide faster pumping performance we have incorporated other features such as stabilizing foot pegs and extra long hoses on some models so that even when you are working on larger or higher pressure tires you will be able to pump them up with ease.