Extreme Pressure
Rapid recovery from pressure incedents with minimal weight, CO2 inflators are espcially designed for those occasions when time matters and you don’t want to carry a pump.
Max. pressure
120 psi
64 g

CO2 Inflators

Ultra-portable with max pressure for any tire type

For decades the only option for most cyclists was a hand pump, no matter the situation as it was the only portable option to deal with roadside emergencies. Now as CO2 inflators have become more mainstream many riders are keeping these as a backup option that will get you back on the road fast.

Not all CO2 inflators are the same though. There are many simple and serviceable designs on the market but when you are dealing with a high pressure CO2 cartridge close up, safety and usability are critical.

GIYO CO2 inflators are made to provide a safe and easy to operate experience for riders, no matter the level of your experience. Our CO2 inflators incorporate separate air flow valves to allow you to safely and accurately inflate the tire at the side of the road without needing to constantly hold and rotate the gas cylinder.

We also supply a safety sleeve for the gas cylinder to ensure that you are protected from its low temperatures during operation, as well as a frame mount that will hold your CO2 inflator along with the cartridge securely while you ride.

Product Details
1 ” / 3 cm
Maximum pressure
120 psi
64 g

What Are the Key Features of CO2 Inflators?


They must be small enough so they fit into a jersey pocket or a backpack side pocket
but providing the pressure you need to get you back on the road quickly


There is nothing worse than having a pump that you don’t want to carry as it adds too much weight, your pump should be light enough that you don’t worry about carrying it with you every time.


Our Clever Valve is Compatible with both Presta and Schrader fittings so we have got you covered no matter what type of tire you are pumping.

Pressure Control

Some of our pumps feature our new high pressure / high volume capabulity. This allows efficient pumping for all tire types from Road to Fat Tire.


When you have taken the trouble to carry a pump around with you all season you want it to work when you really need it. Our pumps are super durable so you can rely on them when they are needed.