Shock Pumps

Durable shock pumps with Turbo pumping for effortless suspension maintenance and micro adjustment for precision

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GIYO Shock Pumps

Micro Adjustment & All Aluminum Barrels for Durability

Take your suspension pressure maintenance to the next level with GIYO shock pumps. We design and manufacture our own design shock pumps with durable aluminum barrels, metal valve locks and braided hoses to ensure durability under the toughest conditions. Whether you are looking for the latest pump with digital gauge or a trustworthy manual design, we have you covered.

Our shock pumps come in either 350 or 600 PSI models to suit your needs. All of our pumps also feature a micro adjustment button to allow you to precisely tweak the pressure of your front or rear suspension to meet your exact riding needs.

Easy To Read Dials and Easy Pumping

All of our shock pumps are designed with your ease of use in mind so we use large easy to read and durable pressure gauges on all of our shock pump models. To make pumping up to high pressures even easier we also have turbo pumps with high efficiency designs to make your pumping experience as easy as possible.

Micro Pressure Adjustment Buttons

If you want to get the ultimate trail performance from your ride, getting the suspension tuned just how you like it is vital. Our shock pumps not only allow you to get up to pressure fast, but with our pressure micro adjustment button we allow you to release pressure 1-2 PSI at a time to get just the right set up for your ride.

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What are the key features of shock pumps?

Micro Adjustment
Our micro adjustment feature on all pumps allows you to release 1-2 PSI of pressure per press so that you can get the perfect pressure for your set up.
When you have taken the trouble to carry a pump around with you all season you want it to work when you really need it. Our pumps are super durable so you can rely on them when they are needed.
Our shock pumps are compatible with all of the most common types of suspension systems for mountain bikes that accept Schrader valve fittings.
Easy Efficient Pumping

Pumping up to high pressure can be a chore so we aim to make this as easy as possible with our special Turbo pumps for effortless shock maintenance.

Product Comparison

Product DetailsDimensions ( Closed )Dimensions ( Open )Maximum pressureWeightMaterial
GSGY-02E9.5 ” / 26 cm14” / 36 cm350 psi144 gAluminum barrel
GS-52L10.4 ” / 26.5 cm15” / 38.5 cm600 psi165 gAluminum barrel
GS-24L9.5 ” / 26 cm15” / 38.5 cm600 psi178 gAluminum barrel