Mini Bike Pumps for your Ride

Switchable bike tire pumps for the widest range of tire types
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Mini Bike Pumps

High Volume / High Pressure Pumping with Pressure Gauges

Giyo mini bike pumps are the critical we have to carry to make sure that we can get home safely after a flat out on the road or the track. A good mini pump will be compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, be as small and light as possible (especially for road bikes) but will still deliver a high volume of air flow to get you back on the road or track as quickly as possible.

Mini bike pumps are not usually for pressure maintenance. They are your first aid kit to deal with punctures out in the wild. When you need to carry a mini pump around all of the time it needs to fit easily into a jersey pocket or the side pocket of a small pack.

High Pressure / High Volume Switchable Mini Bike Pumps

Our own design high pressure high volume switchable mini pumps are the only ones available on the market, This allows them to easily handle the low pressure high volume requirements of fat tires as well as the higher pressures needed for narrow road bike tires. We have models with and without pressure gauges for you to choose from.

Portable lightweight & frame mountable for your adventures

There is little point spending thousands of dollars on a super light bike and then adding a pump that weighs 3-400 grams or more. We lead the field with some of the lightest and smallest mini bike pumps on the market that deliver reliable and efficient pumping whenever you need it.

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What are the key features of mini bike pumps?


They must be small enough so they fit into a jersey pocket or a backpack side pocket
but providing the pressure you need to get you back on the road quickly


There is nothing worse than having a pump that you don’t want to carry as it adds too much weight, your pump should be light enough that you don’t worry about carrying it with you every time.


Our Clever Valve is Compatible with both Presta and Schrader fittings so we have got you covered no matter what type of tire you are pumping.

Pressure Control

Some of our pumps feature our new high pressure / high volume capabulity. This allows efficient pumping for all tire types from Road to Fat Tire.


When you have taken the trouble to carry a pump around with you all season you want it to work when you really need it. Our pumps are super durable so you can rely on them when they are needed.

Product Comparison

Product DetailsDimensions ( Closed )Dimensions ( Open )Maximum pressureWeightMaterial
GP-99210 ” / 24.8 cm14” / 35.6 cm120 psi199 gAluminium / Plastics
GP-99311 ” / 28.5 cm15.5” / 39.2 cm120 psi218 gAluminium / Plastics
GP-871D8.5 ” / 21.5 cm14” / 36.5 cm120 psi167 gAluminium / Plastics