About GIYO

Durable metal cylinder pumps with gauges for daily pressure maintenance

GIYO Pumps

GIYO is the in-house brand for our parent company Co Luck Enterprise and we have been leading the field in the design and manufacturing of high-quality and innovative pumps for the global market for over 15 years.

We manufacture pumps for many of the largest bicycle and accessory brands from Europe and North America and we also retail in many marketplaces under our own GIYO brand.

Designing and mass-producing a great bicycle pump is not an easy task but we have built up an expert in-house design and manufacturing team that is able to create and deliver the latest products on time for all of our customers.

When you need a bicycle pump, you need it to work flawlessly and reliably so we focus on manufacturing quality products that meet the strict requirements of our customers.

Design & Quality

Bicyle pumps are kit that you use for either pressure maintenance or emergency recovery and in either situation you need to be able to rely on their smooth operation and reliability.

We have decades of experience in designing and manufacuring bicycle pumps of all kinds and we have developed our own in house testing equipment and procedures to ensure that all of the pumps meet our exacting quality standards.

Bicycle pump design requirements vary greatly from product to product and our expert team of in-house product developers has accumulated expertise in creating the very best solutions to meet each product niche requirement.

We are constantly developing new, market-leading features for our customers to give you the most efficient and durable pumps on the market.