Mini Bike Pumps – Portable and compact pressure maintenance solutions for your ride

Giyo makes the lightest and most durable pumps with the latest pumping technology and performance to cover the widest range of bike tires from road bikes through to Fat tire MTB and e-bikes. We have been manufacturing mini bike pumps for decades for most of the world’s major bike brands, but now we are starting to sell many of our products direct to the customer through our online retail shop on Amazon. The mini bike pumps that we are offering to deliver some new special features that are unique to GIYO. 


Our high pressure / high volume switchable pumps are designed to give you the widest possible range of pumping applications in a small package. These pumps are small, light, portable and frame-mounted, but they can handle the pumping requirements of almost any type of tire from road to Fat bike. 


The high pressure option is designed to allow the pumps to be used for road and commuter bikes that typically have much thinner high-pressure tires and need a pump that can achieve the high pressures accurately and efficiently.


The high volume pumping option allows the same pump to deliver high air flow for fat tires and larger tires used mainly in MTB and e-bikes. The high volume / high-pressure switch allows you to rapidly and efficiently switch between modes to handle the pressure maintenance that you are working on.