Micro Bike Tire Pumps – The smallest and most portable pumps for your ride

GIYO micro bike tire pumps are specially designed to deliver the maximum pumping power in the smallest possible package. They are all made from the highest quality materials with durable exterior finishes to take everyday knocks without issue.


The unique barrel design features a telescopic mechanism that allows the pump to massively increase pumping capacity whilst maintaining a very small footprint. This design means that you can use our micro bike pumps on almost any type of tire available.


The key benefit of a micro pump is that it can get you out of a tight spot but is also small and light enough that you will not think twice about carrying it with you at all times. These  micro pumps will easily fit into a jersey pocket, saddle bag or even a pocket in your shorts, making them a highly portable and essential item for your rides.


Our models feature valves that are compatible with both presta and schrader valves for your convenience. This is our in-house Clever Valve design which you will see on our other products too.